String Indicator doesn't show - Viola

The string indicator doesn’t show in the Viola, I already toggled the ‘String’ on the properties panel.

String indicators come in 2 flavours: outside vs inside the staff.

Inside the staff indicators can only be shown on fretted instruments, like guitars. The “String” property influences the number shown for this, and is also used for notating harmonics.

To show string indicators outside the staff, see here for instructions for how to input them (changing the String property doesn’t automatically show them)

Tanks so much for the quick answer @Lillie_Harris!

So this are playing techniques from the Guitar section?
If I want to enter the String as Roman Numeral should I change from Glyph to Text in the Playing Techniques editor?

Thanks again!

String indicators sadly don’t work on strings, you have to create your own playing techniques and assign them, additionally to setting the string property (if you need it, e.g. for certain flageolets)

Seems like I am changing the ones from the Guitar.
Also, shouldn’t I be able to set an offset (minimum distance for staff) to only this ‘technique’ in the Playing Techniques editor?
Right now I can only scale them to be smaller or bigger.
Thanks @klafkid !

You can’t set a per-technique offset value for playing techniques, their positions are governed globally in Library > Engraving Options > Playing Techniques.

If you want a set of roman numeral string playing techniques, I’d recommend creating a set of your own (I’ve also done this and it doesn’t take long – especially if you just use text, as you said).


Thank you @Lillie_Harris, I will do that and keep them as favourites.
I would love to see a future update with a fingerboard for bowed instruments, it’s very helpful to see what’s possible.
Thanks again!