string indicators (guitar)

In Engraving Options under String Indicators there is a scale factor for string indicators inside the staff. However, when choosing Playing Techniques (Shift P) to indicate the strings over a series of notes, there is no scale factor available and the resulting symbol is much larger (which would suggest more importance). Is there a way of reducing the size of the latter so that they are equal in size? (I don’t want to increase the scale factor inside the staff to 100%)

Secondly, is there a possibility of assigning a shortcut to the String Indicators/Show in the Properties panel? It is a hassle to scroll across every time you want to indicate an individual string.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Sorry for the long delay in replying to this thread. One easy way to make the string indicators outside the staff match the size of the ones inside the staff is to select them and set the ‘Custom scale’ property to 66%, or whatever you have the scale factor for string indicators inside the staff set to (on the ‘String Indicators’ page of Engraving Options).

As for assigning a key command to the ‘Show’ property for string indicators, if youre willing to do some surgery on your keycommands_en.json file it should be possible to set this up. You can graft the following into the file:

						"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kNoteShowIntraStaveGuitarStringIndicator&Value=true" : [ "J" ]

Add this to either the kWriteMode or kMusicEditable section of your key commands file, and then run the whole file through a linter to make sure it’s still valid JSON before you restart Dorico.