String Playback Errors (D2.2, NotePerformer3)

Recent update to the latest Dorico 2.2 release, and running NotePerformer3.1 (full version).

Strings start out arco no problem, but the first time they go to pizz, they remain there for the entirety of the rest of the piece (through all flows).

Also, I seem to remember the spicc. technique only triggering a playback change when the notes had staccato dots under them and then ended when they didn’t. Now, the spicc. command seems to remain in effect (I’d rather avoid an ord. indication).

File is too large to attach, so here’s a Google Drive link:

Thanks all!

Are you aware there is an update to NP? Current version is 3.2, which addressed some issues related to playing techniques. I’d start there.

Before you do anything else, try updating to the latest version of NotePerformer (a free update). Then follow the instructions in the NP user guide to make sure your project has the latest version of the NP Expression Map.

There have been some changes to the way Dorico and NP interact over articulations etc. These sort of issues might have been fixed already. (Dankreider beat me answering this!)

Thanks, how do I update NotePerformer? Do I need to download the .dmg all over again? I can’t find anything on the website, within Dorico, or in NotePerformer.

Yes, download from the note performer website and install the package.

It’s entirely separate from Dorico.

Thanks. NotePerformer update did it.

There really, really needs to be a better way to know there’s new software. I didn’t get an e-mail or a notification of any kind.

Well, it’s not a Dorico product. I’d subscribe to Scoring Notes blog for starters. I do get emails from Note Performer when there’s an update…

Glad it fixed your issue!

Perhaps you somehow got opted out of e-mail notifications. I always get an e-mail the day new updates come out for Noteperformer. You may want to contact Arne and make sure you are on the list.

I get update emails, but they often end up in the wrong folder - when I read there has been an update, I go searching in my other email folders, and I usually find it there.