String Runs?

How do you notate a string (or really any instrument) run in Dorico 3.5? For example a 7, or 9 16th note run that wouldn’t fit into the measure if it’s just written as 7 or 9 16th notes? I have attached a picture to show exactly what I am talking about. Thank you! Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 3.16.43 PM|641x232

In this specific case:

  1. Move the caret to the 4th beat of the measure
  2. Press 4 for 16th-notes, then type ; for the tuplet popover
  3. Type 7:4 into the popover, then Enter
  4. Enter the notes, then hit Shift-; to exit tuplet mode.

Of course, this is not at all specific to string instruments.
EDIT Some further tips:
Always make sure you’re on the right rhythmic value before activating tuplet mode.
Triplets don’t need a ratio of 3:2 to be typed into the popver, just “3” is sufficient.
When you don’t exit tuplet mode but keep typing notes, Dorico will keep creating new tuplets of the same value to put them in.

(Although you can also specify the “base” duration in the popover now - e.g. 7:4x for septuplet sixteenths)


Thank you for your responses!