String specifier

I’m working with a score featuring playing instructions that tell string players which string to be using:

What would be the best method to achieve that in Dorico?

P.S.: I’m not a string player, so I don’t have any idea how that marking is called - please tell me if I should edit the title of this post to something more sensible

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a good way of creating a line like this in Dorico at present. The closest thing you can get, I think, would be a pedal line set to use ‘Ped. text’ as its starting symbol, and the text overridden to say e.g. ‘III’, but you can’t make the pedal line continuation dashed, and the hook will also point in the wrong direction.

Perhaps somebody with more ingenuity than me can come up with something better.

Daniel, I’m sorry to contradict, but both the style of the continuation line and the direction of the hook can be set as needed here. See the attached image.

Of course they can, Florian. It’s early in the morning and I was up late last night. In Engrave mode all such properties are possible. Thanks for setting me straight!

You’re welcome. Must be an isolated case that somebody sets you straight here. Thanks for your dedication!

This is excellent! Thank you very much!

Daniel Spreadbury has been slightly wrong once! This must be a one-in-a-lifetime thing!

While we’re at it, I’d like to suggest the possibility to, somewhere down the line, attach a line to pretty much any playing technique text.

Hello Pietzcker,

Another way of doing this is by using Dorico’s ‘Text Object’ (Shift + X).

How did you add the hooks? Are these multiple text objects? Just curious…

Hello fkretlow,

I just pressed the apostrophe key ( ’ ) and moved it down using the text ‘Baseline Shift’.