Strings divisi staff pizz and arco troubles

I have split my cello section into two divisions. I want the second divisi to start playing pizz and in a few beats, the first divisi starts playing arco. But when the first starts playing, the second also starts playing back arco. So I tried to put pizz to the second celli again exactly where the first comes in, and now they both play back pizz.

Please help


Go to PLAY mode and click the switch to the left of the menu ALL VOICES on the left side. Dorico will add another instance of Cello, on its own Midi channel. The playing techniques will now act independently for each staff/voice…

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Thanks a lot!

I was doing research on this exact same topic but I couldn’t find the switch that you mentioned in your post. Also, will this solution work when using NotePerformer? Thank you!

There’s a new button called IRV (independently rendered voices?) that replaces the workflow available in Dorico 3.5 :wink:

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Thank you Marc! Solved!