Strings double-stopping (chords) entry not working

Hi, I’m inputting a string quartet using my midi keyboard into Dorico 4 Pro. At the start, I input some double stops (i.e. chords) and that worked fine, but now when I play a chord during input it separates the notes along the staff. I restarted the project from scratch, and made sure my Players are correct; and piano chords work fine in another project. Maybe I’ve accidentally changed a setting? I’ve searched but haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere.

Is Chord mode active? (the button on the left in Write mode that looks like a triad)

If that doesn’t make a difference, perhaps share the project that’s not behaving as expected for someone to look at?

Hi, thanks. No - in fact using chord mode was my awkward workaround. However, it’s suddenly started behaving. So maybe I’ll leave this open for a while in case anyone else has seen it, or in case it stops working again.

If you’re on Windows, the WinRT setting has been known to cause that problem.

Go to Preferences > Play, expand Advanced Options at the bottom and disable WinRT Midi.

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it’s a long shot, but could your MIDI keyboard be set to one-note-at-a-time mode somehow?

Thanks everyone - yes I’m on Windows. I’ve taken @Craig_F 's advice, and disabled WinRT Midi (which it says is for Bluetooth, which I’m not using), just in case that stops the glitch recurring.

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