Strings Libraries, VSL or EWQL Holywood

I am in the market again for about a 1000$ worth of Strings.
I own:
EWQL: Goliath, Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Silk, SD2, Gypsy, Symphonic Choirs+Vota.
NI: LASS, Symphobia, Morphestra, Session Strings Pro.

And tons of other…i am really impressed by VSL and also Holywood Strings,
i wanna have one of those but i tend more towards Holywood, i am familiar
with Play and their whole system and concept overal…any recomendations?

I dont like the VSL Chamber Strings, i like the Appasionata and Orchestra a lot but
something still pulls me towards Holywood Strings…there is something about them.


Listen to Cinematic Strings 2 (CS2) before making a final decision.

Have a look at Spitfire’s Albion as well, I love it …

You have great stuff, I too have most of what you mentioned. I also have VI Cube which I love! I wish I had LASS and Holywood seems very easy to use, but if you want the real thing get VI.
Also you may consider VI pro2 if you get the VI instruments…Also Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 along with MIR might be as good as investment as more sounds. Did you see these video? They really do work as described :slight_smile:
Look forward to hearing your decisions

Ok…i ended up getting Cinematic Strings 2…and tonight or tomorrow i am ordering most likely
VSL Apassionata Strings…Holywood is still in the picture but considering i have Symphonic
Orchestra and Choirs i think i am better off with VSL…changing a little flavor to it.

i’ve been a very happy LASS user for about 2 years now :slight_smile:

just upgraded to 2.0, looks to add a lot more fun

I also prefer kontakt based instruments as opposed to play (the new file compression format is very SSD friendly too)

And that was it, after buying completely the full NI line and
maybe 80% of EWQL line i finally got some VSL muscle…
Tonight i purchased Appassionatta, Chamber and Solo Strings…
so lets see…

Very Cool, with VSL it goes on and on…the products are wonderful but I kept finding I wanted more lol

Lolz…i am already planing my budget and researching about the next VSL Bundle.

Instruments are great! Prior to building a library though, the MIR /VEP5 are insane…have you seen the videos? Its just a whole new concept in mixing and really cuts out 1/2 the plugs I used prior, leaving a easier better sounding mix with a lot less digital noise I think