Strings Playback Slightly Out of Sync

Hi there!
I’m fairly new to this software so I’m still working through my own little kinks. So apologies if this is a simple or common issue. But for some reason, the playback on strings is consistently slightly behind every other instrument. I’ve played around with the settings in HALion, but it seems as though it’s trying to think too hard and compensating for a real life player’s delay in putting a bow on the string. Which obviously wouldn’t happen. The result is fast notes are hardly sounded and slow notes are a hair late. Is there some setting within the expression maps that I’m missing?
Sorry again if this issue has been addressed before; I couldn’t find any other topics with the same problem in my searches. Thanks for your help!

The usual solution, when you care about playback and do not want to invest a house and a half in libraries (and some time with expression maps) is to invest in NotePerformer. You can try it for free. It’s clearly the best quality-price library.

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The HALion Symphonic Orchestra string ensemble patches are possibly a little slow to speak; certainly at faster tempos this can be a problem, especially when under a slur. You could try editing the expression maps for the string ensemble patches to use the “fast legato” sound by default, maybe?