Strings playing back with wrong sound

I’m hoping I’m on the right thread here. I just downloaded Dorico w/HALion SE2 and only get a few sounds to play back correctly, eg piano…but strings give a different (synth) sound and brass, no sound at all. I’m wondering if the issue is that I’m on Sierra 10.12.5 Any insights most helpful, thnks!

The question is valid, but you should have better started a new thread.
It seems to me that you have missed to install the HALion Symphonic Library, as Dorico draws the most default sounds from that library.
Were you maybe afraid of the big size (some 6 GByte or so) and decided to opt it out during the installation?
And no, Sierra is definitely not an issue.

Thanks so much. I wondered about, I did not download the Symphonic —it looked huge (26GB --is that possible?) I’ll look back into this and try to download.

No, HALion Symphonic Orchestra isn’t 26GB – more like 6GB. But you should still be able to download it easily enough via Steinberg Download Assistant, if you still have it installed.

Yes, I’m not sure what I thought I saw! Downloaded it…but still are issues with playback; I select HALion Symphonic Orch. but timbres don’t seem to match or load in…I’m wondering if I should re-install Dorico? Thanks so much any help!

It sounds like you may not have playback set up correctly - you shouldn’t need to use the HSO plugin directly: the sounds are used via HALion Sonic SE. Try going to the play menu in Play mode and choosing Apply Default Template to reset things to a state where you should get sensible playback

Yes, I’ve tried 'Apply Default Templates…but seems stuck. On HALion Sonic SE always defaults to the timbre/voice “First Contact.” If I select Symphonic Orch. there’s no sounds and seems to default (in the mixer window) to 'Violoncelli A Combi.

Please try following: Stop Dorico, go to /Users//Library/Preferences and delete the whole folder named VSTAudioEngine. Then start Dorico again and it will start scanning for available contents anew. In Dorico in the Hub window, load one of the Orchestral templates. Does HALion then load the correct sounds?

Yes! That seemed to do the trick! Thanks so much.