I’m looking for a very good/high quality vst strings. I surfed the net and found Musicrow Audio Software Boutique (Location - Israel) which offers Vintage Strings MkIII. Is any one familiar with this company enough to guide me with my decision? and/or suggest another company? Thanks all.

Have u looked at the East west stuff bit pricey but very nice.

Audiobro LASS (LA Scoring Strings) :

Yes do definitely check out EWQL strings products, very good.

Also Native Instruments has a nice selection, such as the new Action Strings which was created with the intention of being a compositional/arranging tool. Sound quality sounds nice too.

Wow! East West Quantum Leap wins, hands down!!! Incredible sound even over my crappy laptop speaker from demo.
Most of my work is orchestral and I’m composing major chorals etc.
I’m very excited no matter how much $$$ I part with. Payback over the next few years will outshine all investments.
Thanks everyone, thanks!! so glad I asked. :stuck_out_tongue: