Strip Presets fundamentals?


I have a bunch of Wood Wind instruments and I want to have a low-cut and a high-cut on everyone of them, but it seems that those 2 parameters are NOT included neither in the strip-presets nor in the EQ presets. The HC, LC, Gain an Phase are not included. Is there a work-around?
Skærmbillede 2016-10-05 15.35.43.png

You could quick link these tracks and manually set LC and HC simultaniously for all selected tracks

That sounds like a solution!
Thanks a lot!

you have preset for filter, in the channel editor Windows in the filter/gain section bottom left

Yes, but then I have to load several presets for every instrument, the filter, the eq and maybe a compressor also!

so do a track preset for all filter/EQ /insert / Strip