Strip silence at head and tail of a file?

I’ve been searching around these forums and the internet for an answer to this task but nothing is turning up.

I have thousands of VO files that I need to trim the silence off of the head and tail. I figured out a way to trim the head by using Detect Silence and setting the post-roll value at an obscenely high amount. So, does anyone have a way to auto detect and trim only the silence at the beginning and end of a file but leave the rest of it intact using Nuendo 7?


I cannot give you a solution for a batch process for this task within Nuendo.
But I just edited a whole bunch of audioguide texts facing the same task to cut head and tail.

What I did is to program two macros arround the range/crop function. This speeded up my work drastically.

Here is the steps and macros:

  1. select the first part to edit
  • Zoom - Zoom to Selection
  • Tool - Rangetool
  1. highlight range start to end (useful audio)
  • Edit - Crop Range
  • Increment Fade-In Length
  • Increment Fade-Out Length (for these oerations preset a useful grid type, I usually use 2 frames)
  • Zoom - Undo Zoom
  • Tool - Select Tool

That’s it. You could add a “select next part” if it makes sense for you.
Maybe this helps.