STRIP slots effects INTERFACE

I cannot speak for everyone but, in my opinion, Channel Strip implementation is very unhandy despite a cool idea.
What I suggest: please, add an edit button (like [e] in Inserts) to Strip slots. Cubase has all those Strip-effects (even the same presets for them work fine) — just allow users to use their fully-functional UI. It would be nice to see VU-meter or comp. graph when setting compressor.


This could also pave the way for third party strip additions: you can create a simplified panel for them, but still view the full plugin.

Third party strip additions? Sounds interesting! It would be great if Steinberg opened the Strip API for other developers.
Personally, I usually use Cubase plugins ONLY for pre-mixing (especially when I need to send the project to another audio engineer) — it’s very convenient because of compatibility. In this case, the idea of using Strip is simply perfect. But very often the panel interface is not enough…