Stroke Your Wings [Orchestral/Soundtrack/Braindump]

I find it difficult to say much about the piece, so, let’s start with the SoundCloud link. :wink:

Maybe it doesn’t qualify as a ‘standalone’ piece of music; I’m not that sure. It’s more of a brain dump, an urge to write down some feelings and emotions, to experiment, try out a few things, hoping that in the end, it somehow fits together.

I’ll just say that it’s been a pleasure doing this with Cubase. It took me quite a while to consider the piano roll to be my friend and not my enemy, but I think we’re good comerades now.

Also, I’ll openly admit that I’ve been listening to this way too often, with tired ears, and the feeling that I’ve spent way too much time on fixing minor details, so, the quality of the mix might not be up to my usual standards.


This is really good, would fit straight into a movie soundtrack. Impressive!
Am I right in guessing you used Reaktor Prism for the bell sounds? They sound familiar :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words! And yes, you’re absolutely right. :slight_smile:

Excellent, very competent composition :sunglasses: