"Strong" - Shayne Williams

Ok, here’s one from my fellow ‘Straggler’. Shayne normally plays bass for me but here’s one of his own tunes. Shayne played all the instruments on this (apart from Mr Jamstix on drums :wink: ) AND he also sung this one himself. AND, I might add. this is his first ever public exposure of his voice…so, be kind! :wink: Actually, with a little studio ‘assistance’ I actually think he did Ok.

So, for this one I just got to be the guy to hit the ‘record’ button and then later mix it. So as usual, a work in progress, and of course any input/feedback greatly appreciated :sunglasses:


Hi Ian,

classic Dylanesque chord progression over the first two lines.

A good tune, nice parts. Tight playing.

Mix sounds very compressed, needs some air too (i.e. lacking top end). :confused:

ya the vocal sounds great, a good feel to it. good song, theres a cool live feel to it. nice bassline and I can hear all the parts in there own space. maybe a touch of high end sparkle adds to it, I dunno, thats your call.
I like the song either way

Hi Ian, this sounds pretty good but I’m hearing phasey sounds here and there, might well be due to the compressor doing a bit too much…

Cheers lads. :smiley:

Once I get the current batch of 3 projects (not mine!) out of the way I’ll get back into this one… breathe some life into it and give it a bit of ‘air’ :smiley: