Struggles with Drumset

Hey Dorico Forums,

I’m struggling with Drumset. I need a China/Chinese Cymbal sound and I also need either Jazz Brush or Suspended Cymbal. I know this is probably something in Percussion Mapping. Could someone help me with this?

Thanks in Advance,
Ian Hook

Hi Ian!
We need to know what instruments you own… Is it just the samples that come with Dorico pro?
If so, then open the play mode. In the play menu, open the percussion map editor. There, you can see HSO Cymbal Large Combi KS : this one mentions that the cymbal is a supended one (at least, that’s the instrument I see). There are only two articulations : normal or roll. No swish (which stands for brushes, IIRC).
I find the swish articulation in the Yamaha XG perc map (D1), so you might want to use that instrument. Once you have the right instrument chosen for your player, and the accurate perc map selected with it (little cog on the right of the VSTi in the right panel of Play mode), edit your percussion kit in Setup mode, and make sure you have access to the right articulations through notation (make sure you create a headnote for the swish articulation in the snare playback technique editor).
There are many different (simple) steps that make this operation complex, but not complicated. You simply need to make each step carefully.
Hope it helps!

I only own the ones with Pro, that is correct! How do I find this map?

Is that your question?

Yes. How do I apply the cymbal map to the cymbal??