Struggles with Master Pages – layout questions


I have created a master page pair and was able to export and import it into another project. And I realized, that only frames got imported, but no font or paragraf styles – even no alignments of paragraphs.

So I went through the manual, youtube etc. but didn´t find the answer for this question:

Is there a possibility to create something like a »house style« incl. typo, notation options, master page settings, …, save it and import the whole package to a new project?
And: is there a possibility to create different house styles?


At the moment, if you want to include multiple aspects of the project like paragraph styles, it’s probably best to get a project set up as you want it and save a copy “read-only” as a template. You can then import or add flows to the project and save as a new file (so rather than applying a house style to an existing project, you bring the project into the “house style”)

Ok, great! Thx! Thats the way I was doing it till now – somehow. I just wondered that masterpages even didn´t save alignments or font styles … So, I hope I understand you correctly: there is no on board possibility to save an existing project with all engraving, typografic etc options, masterpages aso »as template A« with the possibility to override this template by clicking on »save as template A« or create a different variant as »template B«?

That’s correct.

If you have one project that has all your preferred settings, and music in another project that you want to have those same settings, then the best way to achieve that at present is to import that music into the project that contains the desired settings, using File > Import > Flows.

Thx, Daniel!

Thx, Daniel!