Struggles with note spacing – user interface quirks

Look here:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-09 um 10.49.57.png
I want to move the grace notes a little to the right.

As soon as I initialize note spacing in engrave mode, the situation looks like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-09 um 10.50.25.png
I cannot see what I am doing any more. This cannot be in the spirit of the inventor.
There also is no possibility to move the notes by an numeric input in the properties panel (e.g. in order to move several grace notes the same distance more easily)

So I hope that there will be a tiny user interface update in one of the following versions of Dorico. :slight_smile:

You appear to be missing this property:

Hey, thanks! Thats great! :slight_smile:
But you know, if it comes to note spacing, you are looking for this in the note spacing interface of the engrave mode, not in the »normal« interface (quater note symbol) …

There is another quirk. If you are moving single notes using the round handle (which turns red like the square ones), you cannot find these changes anymore, cause the red round handles disappear. IMHO this is not useful.

One of the hardest things for me to learn was where to look for a given function: Layout Options, Engrave Options, Properties, a menu item, a right-click context menu. All I can say is that little by little the logic becomes clearer. Fortunately there are those here on the forum willing to help when one gets stuck.

You are right, Derrek. Thats the big benefit of this forum. All in all Dorico is much more »logic« than many other premium programs. And its young. So I think, its useful for Steinberg to notice our »walks in the maze«.

You know, the first question is not »where is the function?« but »is there a function?«. And if the function is not there where you intuitively look for, you don’t think that this function even exists.