Struggling again please help an idiot

Hi all im a part time cubase AI4 user
Which means everytime I set it up. I forget how I did it… also i dont really understand the soundcard and just use it for vocals or harmonica over an imported backing track… heres my delemma I let a freind use it but ever since then. any sound weither imported or not only plays on ASIO4ALL V2.
If i want to record anything i have to switch to ASIO Directx Full duplex Driver… Then to listen to it i have to switch back to ASIO4ALL V2… This becomes irritating as I could once import backing tracks . Record vocals as the backing track was playing… Now I cannot… What am i doing wrong. Someone please help an amature who bearly understand anything about Music gadjets that arent an unplugged Instrument.

DoeBoy: What kind of Operating System (Computer) do you have :question:
What kind of Soundcard :question: Is it internal in your computer, or an interface :question:

Jack :smiley:

Ps: You’ll notice below a Tascam US-1641 in my Bio – That is my external soundcard–Interface
where I plug all of my mic’s - guitar cords - Midi cables, etc, and they go into my
computer and into the Cubase Software :wink:

Hi im using Cubase AI4 on windows vista homebasic AMD Athlon processor 1640B , 2.00 GB ram,NVIDIA Geforce 6150SE nForce 430

ASIO4ALL should record alright. Make sure that in the driver control panel, the desired input is activated (highlighted). Navigate to VST Connections (F4) and set up your busses with the correct input. Then in your track’s inspector, choose the correct bus for the track. These should be your connections. If they are set up correctly, we have a different kind of problem. Let us know how this goes, and then myself and Halljack will try to lead you in the right direction. You’re not an idiot, Cubase isn’t the easiest DAW to manage.

DoeBoy: Have you tried the NVIDIA driver :question:
You say your doing vocals. Is Your MIC connected Directly
to your soundcard via Mini Plug or XLR :question:
maybe connecting by an ANOLOG mixer to your soundcard
via mini plug :question:

Jack :smiley:

PS: I really don’t have much experience with
ASIO4ALL drivers. Maybe others can help you here.

An external soundcard is a much more stable way of doing
computer recording. There pretty cheap these days.
Check out Steinbergs, Tascams, Presonus, Alesis, interface soundcards – etc. :wink: :smiley:

True. It is always more stable to record to a soundcard’s recommended driver. ASIO4ALL isn’t bad, but it’s not the most reliable. Proven so by my CI. I have a good bit of experience with the ASIO4ALL.

I also second the suggestion of purchasing an interface. Your looking at about $100 for a pretty darn good one. I can personally recommend Steinberg’s CI series and the Tascams are reported to be wonderfully stable.
Listen to Halljack, he knows what he’s talking about. :wink:

DoeBoy: Is this a “LAPTOP” or DESKTOP PC Computer :question:
and what brand :question:

Jack :smiley:

Jack Daniels :question: :exclamation: :laughing:

YUM - Got sum :question: :laughing:

Jack :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :smiley:

ok thanx for the help… got it sorted… just needed to change UBS … thanx all :laughing:

DoeBoy: COOL :sunglasses: — Just curious — Were using a bad USB port or cable ( FOR FUTURE REFERENCE) :question:
I to have a bad ( or inactive port) USB port on my computer.