Struggling to install Dorico 4 Elements from SE

I must be missing something when upgrading from SE to Elements for Dorico 4.

–In the Steinberg Download Assistant, I activated my license code, and I see Dorico Element 4 in “my product downloads” folder.
–I clicked on Dorico Elements 4 icon in “my product downloads” folder.
–I downloaded Dorico 4.3.30 Application Installer. I right-clicked then “opened folder” on the installed status button.
–I extracted all from the zip file.
–I uninstalled Dorico 4 SE
–I clicked on Setup.exe, I click on reinstall. (The other options are Uninstall or No Changes.)
–It installs Dorico 4 SE back on my computer.

I just don’t see anywhere in any of the files that I downloaded where it suggest it’s Dorico Elements 4. What the heck am I missing here? I’ve wrestled with this for an hour now. Thanks for your help.

Have you Activated your license for the Elements version in the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM)?

(Other than for the included sound files, the program files for SE, Elements, and Pro are the same; it is the license that unlocks the different levels.)

Well, I though I could activate it in the Steinberg Download Assistant in the upper left corner. I do remember copying and pasting my access code there, and that’s when it said that Dorico Elements 4 is now added to the “my product downloads” folder. I assumed based on the video instructions that this activated the product for my download and completed that step. Maybe that just activates the same file whether it’s for SE or Elements like you alluded to, and somewhere else is where it activates Elements.

When I tried based on your recommendation to launch the Steinberg Activation Manager, nothing occurred. I clicked on it from the Windows Start menu a few different times but each time nothing launched. Maybe I need to open Dorico and then launch it? I can’t remember if I had Dorico open already when I tried.

You should be able to launch the Steinberg Activation Manager without running Dorico. If you are still unable to run it could you zip up the contents of %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager and post the zipfile here?