Struggling to upgrade to Dorico Pro 4

I started eLCC and my Dorico 3.5 license now says “Grace Period Eligible”, now what? I am not shown a prompt where I can be directed to the web site when I run the maintenance task.

In the blog post about Dorico 4 (Dorico 4 is here to supercharge your workflow – Dorico) it says:

To check your eligibility, simply run eLicenser Control Center on the computer where Dorico 3.5 is installed (or where your USB-eLicenser with your Dorico 3.5 license is installed is connected), and allow eLCC to perform its standard maintenance task. If you are eligible for the grace period update, you will be shown a prompt: click this to be redirected to the Steinberg web site. You will be prompted to sign in with your Steinberg ID if necessary, and then you simply click the button shown to claim your grace period update. You will then receive an email to your registered Steinberg ID email address containing your Download Access Code (DAC). Run Steinberg Download Assistant and enter your DAC there to download Dorico 4.

Welcome to the forum, @Figge. Sorry you’re having problems! Can you drop me an email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de including a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center window, so I can see what link I should send you to allow you to proceed?

I purchased Dorico 3.5 on September 9th 2021. I believe this entitles me to a free upgrade to version 4. I’m not even getting a “Grace Period Eligible” notice, so how do I go about getting this?
I started and restarted eLicenser Control Center (inc maintenance) and still nothing.

Thanks for getting in touch. If you bought from the Steinberg online shop between 25 August 2021 and 20 September 2021, you will receive your grace period update Download Access Code by email from AskNet at some point in the next few business days. If you bought from another reseller, please let me know, and we’ll sort things out directly with you.

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Thank you for the reply.
I purchased from the Steinberg online shop. So it looks like a case of waiting it out until next week sometime. That’s fine, I just wanted some clarification.