Struggling with drum maps

I have an XJam drum pad. It factory defaults to C1/36 and up 15 semitones from there. Fine.

I have a drum patch with two sounds I’d like to map. They’re both on Port 1, Channel 6. I want to map:

C1/36 on the drum pad => C3/60 on my drum patch
C#1/37 on the drum pad => D3/62 on my drum patch.

I am experiencing strangeness that stubbornly eludes me:

  1. C1/36 on the drum pad works until I try C#1/37 on the drum pad. Then C1/36 stops working.

  2. When C1/36=> C3/60 is working, and I’m monitoring key presses in the VST instrument, C1/36 fires both C1/36 AND C3/60 in my VST instrument.

What am I missing here? See attached…

Maybe further up in the list there is another assignment to the same I-notes?