Struggling with drums ..

On my way along the learning tracl, I wanted to create a drum track for a bossa nova.

In a first pass I just want to use kick drum, hi hat and snare (rim shots). Created the notation for the 2 bar loop of the typical bossa nova drum part, using the usual notation for these instruments.

Tried using the GM jazz kit and Jazzy drum kit found in the instrument windows.

Using edit percussion, I can see that the instrument names correspond with the right lines in the 5-line notation

When entering notes, the proper instrument name is shown

Problem: when playing , drum kit doesn’t sound at all as expected for the kit instruments ?

What did I do wrong ?

Dorico isclearly very powerful with respect to percusssions (Iwatched the several related videos) but for the simple test I didn’t expect these kind of problems … After a number of experiments, I’m lost and unable to fix the problem

I generally start by adding a pre-existing drum kit (basic or advanced) from the Setup mode and let Dorico choose the corresponding playback instrument to start. Once I have things working there, I may try manipulating the sound file and/or the kit layout or percussion mapping; but I like to start with something I know will work.

Of course once you have chosen a custom HALion instrument, Dorico will no longer automatically assign instruments unless you reset the HALion Playback Template in Play mode.

I already tried several times deleting the drum player, in order to create a new one with the basic drum kit. ( didn’t want to restart from scrathc and recreate the piano and upright bass staves)

But still a note created on the line named hi hat sounds weird.

I also observed that drum instrument is assigned to channel 1 to which another instrument is assigned.I would expect it to be assigned to the next free channel, in that case 4 . May be I’m wrong as a Dorico newbie to expect Dorico to assign instruments to non already used channels.

I probably miss some steps when deleting a player and recreating one using the basic drum kit, then rewriting the 2 bar staff in order to test it.

Try reapplying the default ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template in Play > Playback Template, in case any of the things you’ve changed while trying to get things working has introduced a problem. If that fails to give results, please zip up your project and attach it here so we can take a look.

That fixed the problem, thanks a lot for your help. No way to guess that at least from the documentation I scanned and the videos I watche. May be I missed to read/see this info

On the other hand, doing this seems to modify the other assigned instruments, flute was changed back into choir ahaas (the staff was created as “voice” and I used the flute sound for it since the original sound wasn’t quite appropriate).

If I remember correctly, my initial project creation from scratch with piano, bass, drums(basic kit) worked OK, problem statrted to appear when I created a new player for the transcribed sax solo and changed the orering of the players so the new one was the first,

So is there any detailed documentation on this playback template or other play subtleties , All of thus and is far from obvious, although I can understand it makes sense to have predefined instrument assignments corresponding with staff type.

BTW, I didn’t notice so far that the 4th from left top entry iof the Dorico window task bar changes when Dorico mode is changed Is there is documentation about the entried of there “modal” menus.

Yes, resetting the playback template will indeed undo any other sound changes you’ve made. The key thing to know about making manual changes to sounds in Play mode is that once you have done that, Dorico will no longer load any new sounds for new instruments that you add to your project, because at that point it assumes that you’re going to manage all of those things manually. In future versions this will become less of a binary on/off choice, and Dorico will know which instruments you’ve overridden sounds for, but still load sounds for new instruments that you add. For documentation about this, I suggest you start here.

There’s no detailed documentation about the fact that one of the menus in the menu bar changes according to the mode the window is in. You’ll find options relevant to the current mode in that menu.

OK, thanks for your quick support and the pointer to the relevabt documentation.
One of the reasons I decided to drop Sibelius and move to Dorico was the support quality we had in the past with Sibelius :slight_smile: