Stuck between Solo and Mute

Its very frustrating!!!

If i mute or solo on the master bus i get stuck between solo and mute and i cant unmute or unsolo anything else, and sometimes, from nothing, it recovers from this situation.

I get this in every cubase session with many tracks, folder tracks and group tracks.

Is this a known bug?

Is there going to be any further development of cubase 5, now with the release of cubase 6?

Rui Antunes

  1. Toggle Solo/ Mute All in the mixer.

  2. Read the Sticky at the top of the forum.

What is mute or solo all? Are you refering to do solo or mute in the master channel?

Because thats what i do, and thats exactelly where i get stuck.

No, all the way to the left of the mixer.

visual aid :slight_smile:
Screen shot 2011-02-18 at 10.23.59 AM.png

Ok. I tested this the last time i had the problem, and it worked out.

Thanks very much, you guys solved my problem. I must have had partial blindness, i had never seen those buttons before and i use this software for quite a long time now. I allways used the master bus buttons to accomplish this task taking advantage on the mute and solo associative properties, and that must had conflicted with something…

I think this situation is still a bug, that should be checked out if possible.

Many thanks again.

Rui Antunes

Where is the bug here? I don’t see one…

Mute/Solo is a bug.

The entire system needs an overhaul, particularly where groups/folders are concerned but kudos to Steiny for putting in solo defeat.


Everytime you solo or unmute something, be ready for some serious “palm facing”