Stuck fader?

Got a fader on a track with no automation that is stuck about 3 Db hotter than its proper position. Try to pull it down and it pops right back up. Spent time trying to resolve with no luck.


Isn’t it link to the VCA fader? Or another Channel?

I lost the eLicenser for Cubase 8. Didn’t get a note that I had to update eLicenser so I could continue using 8 even though I had purchased 8.5. Was waiting till an album was done to switch. I believe this caused corruption during an important project arrangement. I did get a link and updated. Hope all is well now. My plugins were acting weird and I was having audio glitches, etc.

I don’t understand how you could upgrade to 8.5 if you didn’t have the 8 license available to upgrade.

Or when you say you lost the elicenser do you mean something other than physically lost it??