Stuck in channel 1

Hello, Cubase 13, I5 Acer aspire, Komplete Kontrol A61.
A newcomer here, I think I may have inadvertently touched something that I as yet don’t understand. Problem Was Komplete stopped playing Vsts although the meter bottom right suggested a signal, i then reloaded an earlier project - the keyboard then worked fine again - but it’s stuck on track 1 with an instance of reaktor that I’d saved for this very purpose,learning to set things up.
Any help would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks very much for your consideration .

First we need to clarify the problem. In the thread’s title you refer to “channel 1” but in the text you talk about “track 1” so I’m not clear about the description.

Also are you using Instrument Tracks or MIDI Tracks with a Rack Instrument?

Can you post some screenshots showing

You MIDI Port Setup, like this

And the Track including its Inspector, making sure the Routing section is visible

Thank You for getting back Raino, I’ve included screenshots, three extra in case I’ve been somewhere else and messed that up too. Hope these help;

Ok Raino, I had midi port set up wrong, but thank you anyway. Also sorry for the confusion regarding tracks and channels, I understand how misleading that could be.