Stuck note during playback

Upon opening my large orchestral score, I’m finding that wherever I start playback, I get an ugly low ostinato note playing in the vl1/vl2/vla/cel parts, no matter where I start the score from, including m1 (where there are no notes entered).

How do I troubleshoot this?

Movie attached if you’d like an aural demonstration.

Have you tried resetting the Playback Template?

I’m not sure if it will help or not but you might try attaching your project for someone to examine.

Sounds (no pun intended) like an errant key-switch. Happens to me sometimes when setting up expression maps – key switch in wrong octave. The other possibility is that the expression map could be assigned to the wrong channel in the playback end point. Both result in a key switch being sent to an instrument that doesn’t have that key switch assigned.

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Yes, David (@derAbgang) is correct: you’ve changed the sound loaded for one or more of the instruments in your ensemble manually in the VST instrument you’re using, but when you do this, Dorico doesn’t (and cannot) get informed, so it keeps using the expression map that is appropriate for the original sound that was loaded automatically. You need to go into Endpoint Setup and choose a different expression map for the troublesome instrument: I’d suggest starting with Default and going from there.

Solved by resetting playback template. Thanks all! (I don’t remember altering it, but oh well.)

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