Stuck notes if recorded at bar 1

Hi all … I have a 16 bar arpeggiated chord playing on the Arturia Jun 6 V plugin. The chords is literally held for 16 bars with the 6 notes stretching the entire length of the part. If that part is aligned with bar 1 then the notes get held after the part is complete (seemingly forever until I press stop).

If I move the part to bar 2 and play from either Bar 1 or Bar 2 then all is fine.

So I know there is a workaround but interested in getting to the bottom of why it happens.


additional info. If I add a MIDI Monitor plug in to the track I can see the comment “Outside Prefetch” as a comment on the notes. Not there if I move the part

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The very 1st bar is always risky, because all of the init tasks. It’s strongly recommended to start the music at bar 2 or 3.

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