Stuck notes retrologue2+Cubase Elements 12

Why does this “note sticking” happen with the sustain pedal? It can be reproduced randomly and pretty reliably. I am not trying to be musical but just trying to cause this glitching. M-Audio Keystation49 USB2.0, MGear sustain pedal, Cubase Elements 12 and a Steinberg UR22C running the Yamaha driver with Retrologue2. I checked with midi-ox and it’s not the controller still sending the note on or not providing a note off. is the vst not receiving the note off through cubase? i am using the play/stop button to reset the sound. so…what’s going on here? I have tried altering my ASIO buffer to 512 and higher but this still happens. The video linked below is the buffer set at 256.

other specs:
i7-5820k Haswell 3.3ghz
2x GTX970 GPU
2 ACER NITRO Matched Monitors at 165hz

Do any of these settings affect this?

Video Evidence



Please continue in your old thread. Or at least link it.

As far as I remember, the MIDI Monitor MIDI Inserts shows the Note Off messages were missing. So it’s not the plug-in.

At the other hand, if I understand you correctly, the Stop + Play helps. So any kind of MIDI Reset solves the issue. I would slim it down to the dedicated hardware.

My old thread? what? please clarify. I will not post new issues with my experience of a current Cubase version to 2-4 year old threads someone else started regarding issues with previous versions. So maybe you should have linked it(whatever this was) yourself.

And Midi Monitor is not available to Elements users…AND IT SHOULD BE!


Sorry, there was somehow similar topic recently. I was thinking you are author of the other thread too.