Stuck on Control Room


Getting stuck with the control room for several days now, and would like some guidance please guys.

Im using a Yamaha MW12cx as my interface and not sure if this is the issue. Its a 1x stereo in and out.

Normal workflow I have my whole mix going to the stereo out with a selection of different plug-ins added.

I would like to have 2 or 3 extra outs / busses with different plug-in chains on each one that i can quickly switch between them all.

But still come out of my one stereo output if possible.

Thanks in advance.


Actually, what is your use case behind it? Do you want to listen your Record with different set of plug-ins on the output (like different “mastering” plug-ins)? Or do you want to send the signal it to different physical output and be able to switch them?

Hi Martin

Yes, i would like to have a different set of plug-ins on the output (like different “mastering” plug-ins)

Thanks for your reply

If you have a little time,these are wonderful for coming up to speed:

If you have less time, then these:

Hope that is helpful!