Stuck on some things in Cubase 8

Hi, Been using Cubase Artist 8 for a few months now and loving it! However, I am stumped with a couple of things.
First, The score page has very limited controls and I can’t view any layout options for the basic score page. Is this pretty much it for the Artist 8 scoring capabilities? I guess I would like some options for page views and print views instead of being limited to the staff settings, perhaps these are not available in the Artist version?
Second, the copy and pasting of parts is locked into the cursor position, previous versions of Cubase allowed for pasting of parts to be at the end of the part to be pasted automatically. Maybe this is a limitation as well.

Thanks in advance

No idea about score I’m afraid…re copy paste I thought paste has always put events at cursor?

You can use snap and alt drag to copy to end of another event or you can Ctrl K to create copies immediately following the event you’re copying…In 8.5 you can hold alt and just draw as many copies as you like.

Thanks Grim, that’s it! Event copy is what I was looking for. Awesome.

Now the score issue.