Stuck on startup

Hello. I tried to use Cubase AI7 Elements for the first time in a while–at least one Windows update–and it locks up before getting to the main program while it is trying to install new drivers or something. It locks up on a box that says Windows Installer, with “preparing to install…” It makes it past the drivers drivers (or whatever they are) for my hardware. Any help is mass appreciated. Thanks!

Okay, so I think I figured out that you are using a “Windows” system of operations. You tried to “use” suggests that you have already installed. Anything further is anyone’s guess. This is a situation where I think screenshots would be helpful to explain the exact problem.

And, your “hardware” is … ?

Details are important sometimes. Whoops, I mean ALL the time! :wink:


Most probably some driver is not installed properly. Most probably an Audio Device driver. As I can see Cubase AI, I expect you own any Steinberg or Yamaha Audio Device. Make sure you have the latest Steinberg/Yamaha driver installed, please.