Stuck tempo control

I am using the latest Dorico 5 on MI studio Ventura 13.6.3

I have an issue with the tempo control.

In the blue follow mode, the given value is crotchet=72, and will not change, neither the arrow or the number respond to my mouse.

In the dark grey fixed temp mode, the slider works as it should, but the playback does not seem to match the numerical value? Eg, I have to set It to 240 to get it to sound like 120?

Is this anything to do with the follow mode being stuck at 72?

Also, which may or may not be related, shift-M does nothing, similarly shift-C for clef, shift-K for key signature, shift-D for dynamics, do not work?

I am in write mode.

I just realized when I change the crotchet value on the score, it is then reflected in the value in the blue follow mode. But I still have to have at it, eg, 260. to get it sound like it is 130?

I tried importing Gioioso 132 from the right-hand panel, but it still plays back at seemingly half speed?

So I am still mising something somewhere.

q = 72 is Dorico’s default tempo (for words not in its dictionary). Select a note, type Shift-T and valid a tempo word or metronome mark (or both), and Dorico will use these for playback. Otherwise in ‘blue’ mode everything will be q = 120. The ‘grey’ mode disables tempo marks in the score and lets you set an arbitrary tempo – but only to a quarter note, not any other duration.

The popovers (Shift-letter) require you to select something first.

This page and others in the User Guide are well worth reading.

Out of curiosity, what is your time signature? Especially the bottom number.

Have you selected something first? (Dorico needs a “starting point” to initiate a Meter, Clef, or Key Signature, etc.).

No, it’s actually q = 120 by default.

Whoops! Duh, now I remember: it’s Dorico’s default tempo for undefined tempo words. So if you put in “Brazenly” or “Hopscotch” or whatever, you get q = 72. Gone_To_Lunch must have put in such a word.

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Thanks, I have got it working now.