Stuck / wrong articulations

I’ve been having problems with my pizzicato playing back as arco and I can’t seem to fix it or figure out what’s going on.
In the example below, the first chord is playing back pizz, the next two as arco, and the fourth as pizz again. If I delete the pizz they are all arco, but if I create another pizz, the same thing happens.
This has started happening very frequently recently and it’s causing a lot of problems. Help, anyone?

I would need to examine the project to be of any help.

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Wow, this seems to be happening to me constantly now. Here’s another example. When I play back bar 2, just the triplets are played back arco.

I want to check the Playing Technique signposts… but strangely, I can’t see any signposts at all, even after unhiding them.

I don’t understand why, but if you uncheck the Playing Options>Timing>max duration for staccato

Normal order is restored!

(maybe something to do with the LV ties?)