Studio Acoustic Measurement/Analysis/Treatment

Hi all,

It has been a number of years since I have been active on this forum but perhaps some of you remember me.

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Anyway, as you are friendly and informative bunch, I thought I would ask your help.

I am switching up my Cubase Pro 12 studio for actual commercial use (turning this into a career, now) after 20:years dong things on a more home studio/hobby basis.

My actual big issue is acoustic treatment of the new room I have just installed my studio into (I just moved homes).

The room is the following dimensions (provided in feet and also metres):

Width: 17 feet 3.5 inches / 5.27 metres
Length: 11 feet 11 inches / 3.63 metres
Height: 7 feet 8 inches / 2.33 metres

I can provide photos which I will attach afterwards.

I currently have my studio speakers and desk on the long wall (I know… everyone almost always recommends the short wall). The main reason being the only practical wall I could have used on the short wall has a floor to ceiling radiator and the door swings inwards. This would mean that the left speaker would be too close to the corner of the room. Unless someone can suggest that it is possible and would not impact workflow, I think I will keep to the long wall.

There is currently no treatment and the idea is to try and get the room to that +/-5Db level for accurate pro mixing. I want to be able to trust my Dynaudio BM6A speakers.

I have an SPL, REW installed, and I also have Sonarworks SoundId Reference Measurement Mic (software will be used too, but only after treatment is complete) and now I need help to make sure I do things right.

My initial questions are:

  1. Where can I find the information that can help translate the REW measurements I make into practical choices for acoustic treatment (bass traps, absorbing panels etc.). Can anyone here help understand the measurements and make recommendations?

  2. Does anyone have good source for actually making the DIY acoustic traps/panels that will be needed? I am working to a small budget so I prefer to male my own unless someone can recommend a budget commercial solution (not foam…) that actually works.

So over to you lot. Be gentle. And above all, have a wonderfully musical day :slight_smile:
Gary aka Afterphase @ The AP Bridge studio.

I used to be known here as frogga :sunglasses: