Studio advice - studio speakers and hardware additions

Hi Everyone.

I currently have one pair of speakers in my studio and always have - I am thinking about adding a second but I am not sure how to actually go about doing that. I know WL has the ability to change speaker configurations but how do you do it practically?

I am using a Prism Sound Lyra 1 as my audio device and do all my work in the box but I am also thinking about adding some hardware into the system as well.

Any thoughts would be much help! Thanks in advance!

I would get a hardware monitor controller. With software, I’d find it too easy for the signal to accidentally come out of your Lyra at full level and blow up your speakers. But maybe I’m too paranoid.

You can spend $70 to $3000+ on a monitor controller:

Since the Lyra is very good D/A conversion, you can probably get a more basic hardware analog only controller. Just make sure it’s not so cheap that it colors the sound.

^^^ this :slight_smile:

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Also, fellow WaveLab user and forum members DaGoose makes some great mastering hardware including this nice monitor controller:

If you just need to be able to switch between outputs, the SPL 2Control does this (+ a handful of other nifty things) in a pristine manner. But the Dutch box is really nice.


+1 for the SPL stuff - I’m using their multichannel controllers

the Dutch box seems very expensive for what it does - it looks like it uses a load of relays to switch levels in 64 increments - seems like a massively complicated way to do a very simple job and I’m not sure I follow their logic of why this is better ?

SPL is solid stuff for sure. I have a Dutch insert switcher which is great quality but haven’t tried his monitor controller. Maybe Jeffery can explain more :slight_smile:

However, both of my monitor controllers (Avocet IIA and Grace m905) use the relay system and I much prefer them vs. the Dangerous Source which doesn’t use relays and I have relegated it to data computer duties for less critical stuff.

Thanks guys - sorry for the wrong place for the subject!

I am just exploring options at the moment really…If I get a second set of speakers I don’t want another volume controller as I use my Lyra for that. I have come across the 2400 Audio Imperium 1U which seems to do what I want. Thanks for the links to the other controllers though…Good to know what other people are using!