Studio/Audio connections will Not recognize my UR22

My UR22 was working fine with my iMac here at my studio, but now suddenly it will not work! For this whole past week! It seemed to start right when I installed Cubase Artist 9.5.3 update. Anyone else having this problem? On my iMac: when I go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES/ SOUND menu: I see and can choose the “Steinberg UR22” as input and output for Sound: but then when I’m working in Cubase: when I go to STUDIO/Audio Connections pull-down menu: the pop-up box will NOT show the Steinberg UR22 as a choice! it will ONLY show the “built in” speakers as a choice. What am I doing wrong? What is going on? This very same UR22 box worked fine when I took it to my other iMac at home and tested it w Cubase there. So I’m really baffled and wondering if it’s an issue with my iMac?? any thoughts?

i tried re-installing the UR22 driver on the iMac at my rehearsal space: but Cubase still does not “see” the UR22 when I go to Studio/Audio Connections. It’s as if the iMac’s internal speaker is stuck in the “on” position or something. Anybody ever hear of or have any experience w a problem like this anyone??

Any help/suggestions/advice greatly appreciated. I have a call in to Apple support also.
I’m running latest Cubase Artist 9.5.3 update! on 27 inch iMac
thanks Steve
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As svennilenni says, you need to select the correct driver first.

Studio/Studio set-up/Devices and open the ASIO driver pop-up menu to select the correct driver (probably a Yamaha USB one with the UR22).

whew Thanks!! its Studio/Studio set-up/VST Audio system/…and then I finally see the pull-down…whew the designers really hid it and I don’t know how it got unselected! many thanks