Studio Case Music Production Upgrade?

I have a software suite from Steinberg that I bought many years ago and never effectively used. It is called Studio Case Complete Music Production. It ran on my power pc chip mac os 10.2. Now that I would like to explore it and am getting back into producing my own thing, I am running OS 10.8.5. So obviously this won’t work on my Cubase 4 with this operating system. My question is this: does anyone know if there is some kind of upgrade of this software suite that will make this functional for me?

Do you know which studio case version? If it is Producer or Studio case II that came with SE3 you can buy an upgrade to 7.5 Artist at a discount. If it is the older version that came with SE1 or SE2 they are over 10 years old and no longer figure in the upgrade path. You might be better off buying a new version of Cubase Elements 7, runs on current mac OS’s, is fairly cheap and should open older SE files.

Thanks for the comment. The version is for SE, but which version is unknowable because the disks won’t open and there is no documentation with them. Too bad. When I heard it demo’ed, I liked some of the stuff, but its too late now–I’m sure these programs are more than 10 years old. Probably better to move on anyway.