studio connection problem

Hello, I own a Motif XS8 and Cubase AI4, and a pc with these stats:

main board: ASUS M3A78-EM
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 5200+
2.71 Ghx, 1,75 GB RAM
160 GB hardrive

windows XP, service pack 3

I updated/installed all these exactly:
“Motif XS OS (Operating System) Updater V1.60 *
“Motif XS Editor V1.3.0 for Windows *
“IEEE1394 Firmware Updater Ver. 1.0.7 for Windows *
“Motif XS Extensions V1.6.0 for Windows” *
“Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.6.0 (or later) for Windows *
“Studio Manager v2.3.1 for Windows” (or later) *
Cubase AI4 is version 4.52
in “Device Setup” in Cubase it says:
Under the “Remote Devices” folder highlight “Yamaha MOTIF XS”
If it does not appear click on the big “+” symbol in the upper left corner and ADD the “Yamaha Motif XS”

“Remote Devices” does not show, neither does Yamaha Motif XS

I can add “Generic Device” (it’s in spanish) and then, it “turns” into “remote devices”, when I put “+”, “Motif XS” does not show up, and the name of the folder that you click and you can set “MOTIF XS Remote” for both MIDI INPUT and MIDI OUTPUT, is still “Generic Device”.
in the VST connections, in the input section, I can put “Yamaha Steinberg FW ASIO” in Audio device. But the strange thing is that I can only select in “device ports” MOTIF XS8 13 and MOTIF XS 14.
Same in “VST System link” ASIO input, only MOTIF XS8 13 and MOTIF XS 14 appear.

please help


Have you selected the correct DAW type in the remote setting display under the Utility page on the XS?


“FW” and “MLan” are selected where they have to be