Studio connection Sync LED turn Red and Bargraph run empty

Depending on day and time, some times it is impossible to do remote sessions.
I would like to better understand which internet connection is the rout cause. Is it the internet capability of the Studio or the Performer.

The Net LEDs are green for Studio and Performer all the time.
The Syc LED is allways green for the performer. For the Studio it is unstable.
The Bargraph is allways fully green for Performer and does not hear any playback dropouts. For the Studio the bargraph run empty multiple times and mutliple dopouts ocur.

Is this behaviour caused by bad connectivity on the Performer or the Studio side?
Which of the settings below can improve the situation?
What are the internet minimum requirements for up-stream, down-stream and latency?

Remote Delay: 3 sec
Studio upstream: 128 kBit/sec
Studio Buffer size: 512
Performer Buffer size: 192 (not changable potentially because of windows mashine or sound card)
Performer upstream: 320 kBit/sec
no Video

With that high a setting for remote delay, it most probably comes down to a bad connection. Performer buffer size might be a bit tight but usually should not cause problems, depending on performance and audio interface/driver on the performer end.
Are you using the PRO version? If so, you can set up a LAN connection to check if all goes well that far. Then the culprit must be the connection. It cannot be said precisely on which end, but Studio bargraph unstable indicates it might be more likely on that end. Make absolutely sure that you don’t run other streaming or net-intensive tasks in parallel. More also here: VST Connect: In depth information and troubleshooting – Steinberg Support

On LAN with there are no issues, but with a different Performer Hardware (PC and interface). Is it possible on a Windows mashine to chage the buffer size ?

Not via remote, this can only be adjusted thru the audio interface control panel.

ok thank you! :+1: