Studio eq channel strip - presets

I have been reading through the info on cubasis 2.0 and have seen the studio eq is now a 4 parametric band verses the original eq which was only bass and treble boost /cut. This develioment is a massive selling feature and steinburg would be well placed discussing this more to encourage more sales. Having just bought the ur 22 I am unsure whether to go with cubasis or auria pro and this new development has made me reconsider cubasis again.
My question is can you create presets in this new eq section. I want to work efficiently as I don’t have huge amounts of time (2 small kids at home) for recording.

Hi haydon1982,

Thanks for your message.

While preset support is on our list for future updates, to dial in desired changes works at ease and takes only a few taps when fine-tuning tracks with the channel strip and studio eq.

Please note that we’ve included a few dry/wet examples that demonstrates the channel strip/studio eq on our website. Please find them in the media player (located on top of the ‘What’s Cubasis’ or ‘New In Cubasis 2’ section) of the new Cubasis 2 website:

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Not to hijack this thread, but is there a way, could there be a way to reset the Channel Strip’s settings? After adjusting the settings, I sometimes need to go back to the default settings.

And thanks for the superb Cubasis 2.0 upgrade. It makes a already great app even better!

Thanks for the nice comment, we’re glad to hear you like the update!
Unfortunately it is not possible to reset the channel strip at the tip of the button as of yet.