Studio EQ Remote Control Midi Parameters - Where are they stored?


Im trying to configure a SSL UF1 controller for Wavelab 11.2. When I set MIDI parameters at Settings-> Remote controls -> Studio EQ, the EQ in the Master Section does not react at all, although its remote control mode is being switched on.
When I use the Studio EQs learning functionality, its controls react to the knobs on my UF1, but the parameters are not being shown in Wavelab`s settings area at the above mentioned path.

So my question is - how are these two things connected to each other? If the settings for Studio EQ in the settings area are not for a Studio EQ in the master section, what`s it for instead?


It has been my experience that WL and Midi do not work well together. Maybe PG has a suggestion…

I could never get any midi controller to work with WL and I tried a lot of them. FWIW