Studio Manager 64 bit for Cubase Mac . . . anyone?

Hi everyone!

Just upgraded to C6 and am all set to do some amazing recording, except I can not find 64 bit drivers for Studio Manager software (Yamaha) for my 02R96. Studio Manager is a lifesaver for me, so if anyone knows ANYTHING about where I can find it, or if and when it’s coming . . . please let me know.

As it stands I have to reboot in 32bit to transfer and save all song settings for my 02R. This is really bites.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge and help!!!



A suggestion would be to also post your question over at the Yamaha Motifator Forum. People there like Bad Mister and guys like frankE can usually help. Not sure if Yamaha will announce in advance when the 64 bit version will be out, but if it is available now you might also be able to download it from Just some thoughts.

Hey thanks! I did not know about that forum. I was at Yamaha download support and they pointed me here, can’t hurt to try both.

I was just hoping that maybe I had overlooked the update and it was floating around somewhere I had not searched.

: )