studio manager doesn't show my device

new to steinberg and cubase and i’m trying to make it work with my xs8.
downloaded and installed studio manager, motif xs editor and extensions for steinberg.
got the xs8 midi ports set but can’t get my xs8 to show up in the device editor pane on the modify workspace tab in studio manager setup.
any help would be appreciated.

Yamawai: What is your sound card and Operating System :question: ?

I think your answer is

Midi Device Manager Click here 20Manager%201.PNG
Install device Click Here
midi output

I’m a bit puzzeled by your post

but Hope this helps

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Yamawai: Sorry that 1st link doesn’t work

Click here

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thanks very much, i will check everything out in the morning

thanks but your fix didn’t help.
the motifxs didn’t show up in the list of devices.
i get a “firmware version” error when i try to launch studio manager so i think that the problem lies more in the motif than in AI. :neutral_face:

yamawai: saw your posts over at

I agree your problem probably is not Cubase.

I’ll tell ya–all I do is connect 2 midi cables from my Roland D-50
to my Sound Card (Tascam US-1641)
with the “Local” Off usually,

Then Fallow the steps above.

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The OP is talking about the studio manager software, which has nothing to do with the steps you describe above in the MIDI device manager.

Thanks for the feedback, hoping to get replies to the question on the motifator forum :open_mouth: :open_mouth: