Studio Manager hidden window (8 and 8.5)

Pleeeeeeeease, consider fixing this issue. Whenever I start project SM gets stuck under the project window. It is crucial to be visible (on top) at startup since it recalls my 02r96v2 console. I am waiting for this to work since version 8 but it stays the same. At first it had problems with cubase 8 (it crashed cubase) and later it was fixed but this problem remained. I have same problem with motu control panel ( as well so I guess that the problem might be linked. I am stuck with 7.5 because of these bugs. Please understand me, I have based my studio around 02r96 (which is current product) and motu 2403mk3 card and both have issues with 8 and 8.5.
Please, please, please, consider this for your next update so I can enjoy new features!!!