Studio Module (VST 32) solutions?


I have many many banks of synth presets (CZ101, DX7 etc) which were saved in the old VST32 Studio Module on a PC. All the patch banks are saved on hard disks. I need to access some of these synth banks.

I have Cubase 4 & 6 installed on Macbook Pro.

I tried to find VST 32 on the archived Steinberg site, not there. Cubase VST 5 is there, but it’s a stuffit file and when I downloaded, and downloaded a version of stuffit to unpack, it told me the folder was corrupt.

Can anyone tell me the latest version of Cubase that ran the Studio Module, whether it will run on OSX Snow Leopard, and if so, where I can download it? At the moment I’m having to use an old PC laptop just to dump the patches to and from, but I’d like to bring them onto the MAC. I realise (I think) that Cubase long ago gave up on hardware synth interface, and may buy a suitable patch manager once I’ve got my library sorted into the MAC (any recommendations on that front would be welcome)

I’m posting in Cubase 5 & 6 too as this is such a legacy issue I think it appropriate!