Studio Monitor marked as "inactive", no sound audible

Studio monitor works fine and playing any audio on computer, but is showing up as “inactive” state and not playing any audio from Cubase. How do I fix this??

ASIO driver Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO ?

You may have to use asio4all for this to work.

I tried this asio4all, no luck. I think its a bad solution.

I f you want to use different devices for input and output you’ll need something like asio4all as already mentioned above. However, I’m really not sure that will work with either of these either.
You want the input as the onboard sound and the output as??? is that the speaker on the monitor?

The logical driver to try would be the generic low latency one as that is the one designed for onboard devices.

So, you want to use an onboard microphone for input, and the speakers on your Viewsonic monitor. Is this correct?

I think you need an audio interface

Setup: Studio Monitors hooked up to 2nd monitor, linked to laptop via HDMI cable.
No input required, just trying to get the output to studio monitors. It has been playing on laptop onboard instead of studio monitors.

Tried asio4all, made it worse, even the onboard audio was knocked out. I see that Cubase is responding to Midi inputs during the entire process. I’ve checked that drivers are updated, working fine for all other audio from the laptop except for Cubase.

UPDATE: FINALLY WORKED! I restarted the laptop (for the nth time), and a message popped up upon starting Cubase about missing port that requires mapping. Clicked yes and then it worked. Good luck to everyone who also has had the same problem, hope this helps :slight_smile: