Studio Monitors for Techno


I know that monitors are a very personal subject and everyone has their own preference, but having spent hours on the internet looking at the endless reviews and Top 10 lists, I am now quite literally lost and over whelmed. So I’m throwing myself on the mercy of my fellow Steinberg brethren to see what your view is.

I make Techno and all I want to know is what monitors under £1,000 each (i.e. £2,000 a for the pair) should I be auditioning when I go to a store that will cope with what I need from electronic music?

I don’t want to be equally overwhelmed here, I’d just like a list of five monitors to take with me to try.

I had originally wanted to look at Genelec 8030bpm and KRK VTX6, but there seems to be lots of negativity around them when it comes to dance music. One review said that the Event Opal speakers are good, but that would be literally at the top and possibly over my budget.

So hear my prayer o’wizards of sonic. What damn speakers should I be testing!?

You could start with this topic which was posted 2 days ago. It links back to an older forum post on the same subject too.

You nailed the problem though, there is too much choice and too much personal preference involved. Personally, I think any pair of monitors in that pricerange will be capable of what you want, it’s just a matter of what you like and what you can get used to. Especially getting used to your monitors is important, and that’s not something you learn from going to a store anyway. Long story short: You’re screwed :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. Cheers Strophoid. I thought as much. :astonished:)

I’ll check out the link.



For electronic, bass heavy music, get a pair of monitors that have proper sized low end drivers, 7" or larger. Lower bass frequencies (sub bass etc) need a certain size driver, otherwise the frequncy is not fully translated into your listening spot.

I use Yamaha-H8, and I am pretty happy with these, kinda flat and clean and good bass reponse. other peeps love their KRK’s etc, which are more colored and hyped in the bass range. Best thing is to go and listen for yourself, or order a couple of pairs from an online store with good refund policy, for testing them at your studio :wink:

Have fun!