Studio mood lighting

At the moment I have a bog standard dimmer switch for the small spotlights in my studio. Turning them down can create a half-decent creative mood, but I’m after more variation. I always wanted a lava-lamp (natch) and I will get one one day, but what other lights are you using to invite the muse into your creative space? Uplighters? Coloured bulbs? Candles?

Let us know, now and often!

My witty and pithy initial reply was swallowed up in the vortex of the forum server abyss.

In summary:

(1) no dimmers allowed anywhere near my studio. The studio has its’ own dedicated AC circuits.

(2) two runs of track lighting in the studio. I can put light where I want it. I can put colored bulbs in the cans. But mostly … I keep it dark … and wallow in the glow of 2 @ 19" LCD monitors.

:bulb: I like the idea of lava lamps! I could certainly use one … or three … lava lamps in the studio!

I turn the lights out and use the light from the computer monitors

I have lights behind my console and racks. I use candles too. If you burn candles, burn soy or bees wax. They burn much cleaner and put off much less soot then paraffin wax candles.

Is that a pink guitar, Steve?!?!

And all the furniture is encased in thick shiny see-through vinyl right? :wink: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Nice lave lamp (orangey red) always helps the mood and they’re fairly cheap tbh do a google.

In the room I use for music the previous owners installed a 5 bulb halogen lighting system, which is way to bright and expensive (5 x 40watts) and dimmers not an option with these. So ordered some LED halogen bulbs that only consume 1watt (all blue) which is nice for me and not too bright. Around £5-7 a bulb but in the long run worth it and creates a nice subtle ambience and only needed to install 3 of them as the monitor and studio kit lights a fair amount of what i need to see.

Let us know what you end up doing :slight_smile:

A lava lamp is a must!

But I almost never use it! :blush: It’s not a very good darkness slayer … :unamused: Nice to sit and contemplate eternity watching the blobs tumble around though every now and then! :laughing: But it’s more like a toy.

I have a lamp placed behind the compuert screen in a sort if indirect light set up. Very soft and nice. :sunglasses:

nice blouse :slight_smile:

I sit right next to the gates of hell, so there’s a nice orange glow all the time. :wink: The screaming gets hard to gate out though. :astonished:

But when not in the shadows of hell, I have incandescent lamps which sit behind the racks, pointing up to the ceiling, which creates nice gentle indirect lighting, and I also have a couple of rackmount power bars with pull out lights on the front. The LCD by itself would be a little too dark.


Oooh, let’s see a picture of that!

I have a 3 piece track of small spots for the live room (a home depot affair) :mrgreen:
The problem is that I only have ceiling lights for the control room (where I could use it). Too much light makes me overly tired. I may install a couple small corner shelves and put one of those oriental lamps in either. I think it would be a nice touch and probably look pretty cool with a colored bulb.

Same here! :smiley:

I have no special mood lighting. I’ve got a big lamp in the middle of the studio ceiling and a few softer lamps on a separate switch, but most of the time all the lights are on.

I’ve got trouble reading small print when it’s too dark… must be an age thing. :neutral_face:
I’ve bought reading glasses recently, but I always forget to take them with me… :laughing:

:laughing: :astonished:

The picture tag sure is fun!

<… but seriously, I am thinking about track lighting and some LED floods, has anyone else tired out the new LED alternatives.

As for the Lava Lamp, a moron I know had one sitting on a shelf above this PT control surface, it came crashing down, and he spent a fortune getting it cleaned up. So placement needs to be sensible. They get pretty warm. :unamused:

Not yours or mine that’s for sure! :laughing:


WTF?!?!?!?!? :open_mouth: